Cochrane Memorial Park Revitalization Underway

CochraneRevitilizationYelm, WA — The City of Yelm has begun work on an engineering study to improve the aesthetics and functionality of Cochrane Memorial Park, one of Yelm’s most popular parks and an iconic public resource.

Being that Cochrane Park is one of the most appealing parks in the community, most work to remove overgrown vegetation and other modifications will take place in the winter months, when the park is less active.

The Public Works team recently dug a test pit in one of the rapid infiltration basins, which essentially takes reclaimed water — cleaner than that of California drinking water standards — from the water reclamation facility and infiltrates it back into the aquifer. This test will determine how much water we can infiltrate back into the aquifer and provide the data that will guide the future design of the park.

Cochrane Park was built in 1999 and was one of the first parks in the state to use clean, reclaimed water to recharge an aquifer. Since that time, the Department of Ecology found procedures to streamline the process to improve functionality and reduce vegetation challenges at similar parks.

The engineering study will include extensive analysis, conceptual exhibits, public outreach, and recommendations for reconstruction. Cochrane Park is one of the most appealing parks in the community and is symbolic of the City’s effort to conserve our natural resources. It is a popular destination for the community and the City wants the public to be a part of the re-design and engineering process.