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Land Use Permit Applications & Details24 documents

  • Environmental Checklist
    document Header Environmental Checklist
  • General Submittal Requirements
    document Header General Submittal Requirements
  • Home Occupation Application
    document Header Home Occupation Application
  • Land Use Application
    document Header Land Use Application
  • Pre-Submission Request
    document Header Pre-Submission Request

Permit Details19 documents

  • Administrative Site Plan Review Permit
    document Header Administrative Site Plan Review Permit
  • Administrative Subdivision
    document Header Administrative Subdivision
  • Administrative Variance
    document Header Administrative Variance
  • Appeal to City Council
    document Header Appeal to City Council
  • Appeal to Hearing Examiner
    document Header Appeal to Hearing Examiner
  • Binding Site Plan
    document Header Binding Site Plan
  • Boundary Line Adjustment
    document Header Boundary Line Adjustment
  • Critical Area Exception
    document Header Critical Area Exception
  • Final Short Subdivision
    document Header Final Short Subdivision
  • Final Subdivision - Binding Site Plan
    document Header Final Subdivision - Binding Site Plan
  • Ministerial Site Plan Review
    document Header Ministerial Site Plan Review
  • Mixed Use Development
    document Header Mixed Use Development
  • Mobile Food Vendor
    document Header Mobile Food Vendor
  • Planned Residential Development
    document Header Planned Residential Development
  • Preliminary Subdivision
    document Header Preliminary Subdivision
  • Public Hearing Request - Administrative Subdivision
    document Header Public Hearing Request - Administrative Subdivision
  • Short Subdivision
    document Header Short Subdivision
  • Special Use
    document Header Special Use
  • Variance
    document Header Variance

Building Permit Applications3 documents

  • Building Permit Application
    document Header Building Permit Application
  • Sign Permit Application
    document Header Sign Permit Application
  • Utility Service Application
    document Header Utility Service Application

Civil Applications3 documents

  • Civil Plan Review
    document Header Civil Plan Review
  • Project Closeout Form
    document Header Project Closeout Form
  • Right of Way Use Permit
    document Header Right of Way Use Permit
    Request to work in Public Rights of Way

Miscellaneous3 documents

  • Adjacent Property Notification Procedures
    document Header Adjacent Property Notification Procedures
  • Fee Schedule
    document Header Fee Schedule
  • Special Event/Temporary Use Permit
    document Header Special Event/Temporary Use Permit

Monthly Building Permit Report1 document

  • Monthly Building Permit Reports
    document Header Monthly Building Permit Reports