Community Beautification Grant Program

Resolution No. 630 Exhibit A – January 10, 2023

Yelm Community Beautification Grant Program (YCBP) – Neighborhood, Community,

The City of Yelm will be offering grants to neighborhoods, community groups, and local businesses (businesses
must be located within the city limits of Yelm to improve their neighborhoods or other areas of the community.
The program seeks to partner with homeowners, residents, and local business owners in the downtown area to
beautify and provide improvements in the community. Yelm’s CBP program is accepting applications for project
proposals during the month of February. This is a competitive grant offering. Applications will be reviewed by a
grant review committee that will score the applications and make the award selection. The committee will then
present their recommendations to Yelm City Council for approval at the first regular meeting in April. Applications
are due by the first Friday in March each year.
Application process opens the first week in February and applications must be submitted by the first
Friday in March at 5:00 PM. Late submittals will not be accepted.
Applications will be reviewed by the Yelm Beautification Grant Committee during the 2nd and 3rd weeks
of March.
 Committee recommendations will be presented to the City Council at the first regular meeting in April.
 Projects must be completed by September 30th in the year that they are awarded
 Request for reimbursement must be submitted by October 15th.

NEIGHBORHOOD PROJECT EXAMPLES: Examples of some projects which might qualify include community
landscaping projects, common space site furnishings, or cleaning up commons areas and areas that are visible to
the public. Projects might involve installation of fencing or paths to improve or control access to common areas
or parks. Improvements that promote community gathering spots through resting or active areas are also eligible.
The grant is intended to provide community value through enhancing aesthetic appeal. Any project designed with
these goals at its core, and designed in a way that benefits the community at large rather than one homeowner
in particular may qualify.

BUSINESS APPLICANTS: Businesses eligible for grant funding must be located within the city limits of Yelm,
preferably in the downtown area. Projects must meet code requirements, follow all local and state laws, and
follow all current design standards. Newly constructed buildings, standard maintenance, rebranding or expansion
projects are not eligible for funding. If an applicant is not the building owner, it is the responsibility of the applicant
to ensure all approvals for the proposed work are obtained before submitting the application. Documentation of
approvals must be provided with the application. Applications that impact multiple business with a shared
frontage or are located side-by-side in a business area are highly encouraged. All projects must occur on the
exterior of the building such as façade, sign or other exterior beautification projects. Examples of eligible projects
 Painting or façade material upgrades (routine maintenance does not qualify)
 Decorative or significant lighting upgrades
 Signage (grants will not be awarded for rebranding/business name changes)
 Awnings
 Permanent, affixed building decorative elements
Resolution No. 630 Exhibit A – January 10, 2023
 Enhancements or changes to trim materials of the building
 Window, door, or storefront upgrades in public view for aesthetic purposes
 Structural improvements to the building façade
 Masonry work or carpentry/molding/trim improvements
 Restoration of details in historic or older buildings
 Other uses may be suggested

AWARD AMOUNT: Up to $5,000.00 for larger projects and first time grant recipients or $2,500.00 for those that
have previously received CBP funds. Applicants that have been awarded funds and submitted for reimbursement
in two previous grant cycles are not eligible and will not be considered for funding. Funds are awarded on a
reimbursement basis upon completion of the project. To enhance accountability and ensure projects provide
value to the community, projects which fail to deliver on their initial goals may be denied reimbursement. A city
staff representative will be assigned to work with each awardee.

CONDITIONS: Applicants that are awarded funding must seek prior approval before changing any plans related
to grant funds that will impact the delivery of the project’s stated goal, change the stated goal, or change the cost
of the project. Failure to do so will risk the loss of reimbursable funds. Applicants will be expected to coordinate
with city staff to ensure that project improvements are performed consistent with their applications. In addition,
any improvements that are proposed for installation on city property or street right of way will require approval
and coordination with city personnel. Reimbursable expenses must be reviewed with city staff prior to initiating
work with the vendor or contractor. The property must be regularly maintained to preserve the value of the
improvements. Any additional costs incurred are the responsibility of the applicant.

APPLICATION INFORMATION: The deadline for applications is the first Friday in March at 5 p.m. Applications can
be submitted electronically through the online application or in person at City Hall; 106 Second St. SE. Projects
must be completed by September 30th with a request for reimbursement submitted no later than October 15th.
If applicants reside in a neighborhood with an active Homeowner’s Association (HOA), written concurrence from
the HOA board is required to be submitted with the application. If applicants reside in a neighborhood without a
Homeowner’s Association, the application must be signed by at least five households to display a broad-base of
neighborhood support for the project. It should also be demonstrated that the applicants have made an effort to
communicate the proposed improvement plans to the neighborhood. If a business is applying for an application
that will impact neighboring businesses, written concurrence from those businesses is required to be submitted
with the application.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. To maximize the competitiveness of their application, applicants
are encouraged to follow these guidelines.
 Competitive applications will display broad-based community support, whether through large numbers
of signatures, support from volunteers in their planned activities, or through diverse sources of funding.
 Competitive applications will provide three (3) pictures of the project area before improvements and will
provide as much detail as possible in the project planning section. Do not feel limited to just the blank
space provided on the page.
 Competitive applications will not only identify how projects will improve visual appeal in the community,
but also how improvements in visual appeal will benefit nearby residents. Some examples might include
Resolution No. 630 Exhibit A – January 10, 2023
getting to know neighbors better while working on the project, or providing a clean and safe space for
outdoor activities.
 Competitive applications will provide realistic figures for costs and funding, provide professional quotes
for expenses where necessary, and will make realistic assumptions concerning the level of volunteer
participation in the project.
 Competitive projects will demonstrate how the neighborhood or community will continue to maintain
and upkeep the project area if physical improvements are being made.
 Competitive applications will provide a match of funds and/or labor to the project.
For projects that are awarded funds, a reimbursement procedure will be identified. Please note when preparing
to apply that you will be required to submit the following with reimbursement:
 A current W-9 for the Homeowner’s Association or business.
 Three (3) photos of the completed project that may potentially be used in public information and
 Invoices from vendors for work completed with proof of payment. This is a reimbursement process; all
payments will be made to the HOA or business with the expectation that the HOA or business covers the
upfront cost for the project.
 Documentation recapping the completed project that includes how the work was completed, and the
benefits gained by your neighborhood or business. Testimonials from residents or neighboring businesses
are appreciated. Please limit your recap to no more than 500 words.
 A letter or note from the city staff representatives working with you on the project stating that the project
has been completed. Prior to submitting for reimbursement, applicants must contact their representative
from the City of Yelm to schedule a time for on-site inspection of the project’s completion.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Questions about applications should be directed to Kathy Linnemeyer at or (360) 458-8816.

The 2024 application process has closed. The 2025 application process will open the first week in February 2025.