ADA Transition Plan

Notice of Proposed Development of an ADA Transition Plan -
Status Update
The City of Yelm is now in the process of completing an ADA (Americans with
Disabilities Act) Transition Plan for its public Rights-of-Way. The City of Yelm
recognizes that not all steps to ADA compliance are complete and the Transition Plan’s
primary focus is to identify and prioritize removal of physical barriers in order to improve
accessibility for disabled citizens and work towards full compliance with the ADA.
King Technologics, PLLC will be working with the City to assist in the development of
the federally mandated ADA program and Transition Plan, including their Geographical
Information System (GIS) system as it applies to the Plan. The goal is to develop a Plan
that is feasible and will achieve real improvements and results for the public. King
Technologics will provide the City with both substantial technical guidance and expertise
in facilitating this program and the Transition Plan.
If you are interested in updates or would like to be involved in the project, please submit
your contact information via email to Patrick Hughes, City Engineer
at or by calling (360) 878-2042.
The City will also post project updates and draft ADA Transition Plan documents for
public review and feedback on its website at
The following documents/updates are available at this time:
• Draft of the Transition Plan
• Website Review
• ADA Compliance Review
• Grievance Form
• Code Review
• ADA Plan Coordinator Description
Complete information and copies of the project scope may be reviewed at City of Yelm
Public Services, 901 Rhoton Rd NW, Yelm, WA 98597 during normal business hours or
by calling (360) 878-2042.