Homelessness Task Force Prepares to Bring Recommendations and Final Report to Council

Homelessness1Following the most recent Homelessness Task Force meeting on Oct. 15, Molly Carmody, a City Councilmember and Co-Chair of the Yelm Homelessness Task Force, announced the advisory group had convened for the last time. Their last meeting ended with seven initial recommendations, while lots of work on the details and analysis remains to be completed before proposals are brought forward for Council consideration.

The seven recommendations are as follows: A monthly clinic at the Yelm Community Center for service providers, establishing a permanent homelessness commission, increase law enforcement, review City ordinances, work with local nonprofits to provide services, temporarily open the Community Center as a shelter during hazardous weather, and to create a jobs program.

Once the final report of the Task Force is complete, the information will be brought forward to the City Council for deliberation and consideration as formal public policies. The report is anticipated to be completed by early-December. All Council meetings are open to the public and are streamed live on the City of Yelm YouTube channel.

The Task Force was established as an advisory body through a resolution adopted by Council and was facilitated by Councilmembers Molly Carmody and Joe DePinto.

Community members who would like to participate in the discussion or ask questions are encouraged to email the co-chairs through our online contact portal.

Media Contact:
Andrew Kollar