Splash Pad Anticipated to Open in July

CityParkUpdated July 25, 2019:

We do not have control over County operations and we do not have an estimated opening date. Updates will be posted regularly on this page and on the City of Yelm — Government Facebook page.

Yelm, WA —
Construction on the much anticipated City Park play area and splash pad is coming along excellent and on schedule. The play area will be open this weekend and the Splash Pad is expected to be open for use in ]uly, after performance testing, training, and required permitting.

The playground equipment is fully installed and is nearly ready for use now that the wood chips have been placed. There will be temporary fences around the new sod to prevent it from permanent damage. Construction of the Splash Pad is complete but unfortunately, completing the construction and being ready to open to the public are not the same. Our project manager and the Thurston County Department of Health are working collaboratively to get the proper documentation prepared for review at the time the splash pad is completed.

The manufacturer must conduct performance testing and provide training to City staff who will operate the park. The Splash Pad will use recycled potable water — not reclaimed water — which will need to be chemically balanced and the automatic chemical system will need to run for an extended amount of time to confirm it is operating as designed. This is tentatively scheduled for July 9-11.

Once the park is operational, and the operational plan and construction report are complete, the Department of Health will conduct a pre-operational inspection. The City will continue to work with Thurston County to get the park open as soon as possible.