Fort Stevens Sidewalk Construction Underway

Fort Stevens Elementary Pedestrian Improvements

Ft. StevensThis project improves safety for students and pedestrians along the north side of 100th Way SE and along the west side of Grove Road SE, near Fort Stevens Elementary School that will fill in the gap where sidewalk does not presently exist. It consists of new sidewalks and is expected to be complete May 1.

Project Schedule: ADA compliant facilities, including the construction of approximately 1,970 feet of curb, approximately 950 feet of 5-foot-wide sidewalk, and stormwater systems.

The project construction has been bid, at a cost of $455,000. Construction is expected to begin in mid-March, and is anticipated to be completed by May 1.

Project Budget:
This is a federally funded project. The total project cost, including environmental surveys, engineering design and construction is projected at $794,600. Construction is being funded by combination of grants from TAP and STP FHWA. Required obligation for construction has been received from FHWA. The balance of the project is being paid from local funds (Street Fund (gas tax) and Transportation Facility Charges):

• Transportation Alternatives Program Grant (FHWA): $393,454

• Surface Transportation Program Grant (FWHA): $133,320

Project Manager Contact Information:
Patrick Hughes, P.E. (360) 458-8499,