The City of Yelm is seeking volunteers to serve on the Non-Law Enforcement Community Representatives Independent Investigations Team for Police Use of Force Events that was created in response to the Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act (also known as I-940).

Community Representatives will be used to monitor and lend transparency to the investigative process of a significant use of force incident. Community Representatives are required to attend various required training relevant to the responsibilities of this position. The goal is to enhance accountability and increase trust between law enforcement and the community to improve the legitimacy of policing for an increase in safety for everyone.

Position Overview and Summary:

With the passage of Washington State Initiative 940 in November 2018 and SHB 1064 in 2019, incidents where the use of deadly force by a peace officer results in death, substantial bodily harm, or great bodily harm require an independent investigation. The independent investigation is conducted in the same manner as a criminal investigation and state law now requires an “independent investigation” completely independent of the involved agency. 

The Independent Investigation Team (IIT) will consist of a team from outside agencies made up of qualified and certified peace officer investigators and at least two (2) Non-Law Enforcement Community Representatives who operate completely independently of any involved agency to conduct investigations of police deadly force incidents.

The IIT Non-Law Enforcement Community Representatives should have credibility with, and ties to, the communities impacted by the police use of deadly force. Representatives selected will participate directly in the vetting, interviewing, and/or selection of IIT certified law enforcement investigators, media communications, and use of involved agency equipment requests.

This position will require the community representative to pass a department/agency background check and attend identified training that is relevant to office involved deadly force incidents. The IIT Non-Law Enforcement Community Representative must sign a binding confidentiality agreement at the beginning of each investigation.

The IIT Non-Law Enforcement Community Representative may be exposed to stark and disturbing crime scene information and/or images that show moments of crisis or violence.

This is a non-paid volunteer position.

You can view the job desription here
Application can be found here. Please email completed applications to: or you drop it off at the Public Safety Building located at 206 McKenzie Ave SE.