Yelm COVID-19 Business Grant Program

On May 20, 2020, the Washington State Department of Commerce notified the City of Yelm that they will release a portion of the federal Coronavirus Relief Funds to local governments. The City of Yelm will utilize these funds to cover unanticipated and unbudgeted COVID-related costs for public health and safety, as well as help individuals, families and businesses overcome any economic hardships.

Therefore, $27,405 has been allocated to the Yelm Community Relief Fund, which is a privately funded financial support opportunity managed by America’s Credit Union and TOGETHER! created for the sole purpose of helping provide some immediate relief to residents struggling financially during this pandemic. This fund is available to all City of Yelm residents to help pay their basic bills such as rent, utilities, and phone.  It also supports the Rotary Club of Yelm’s Summer Feeding program for youth/students.

Additionally, $109,620 has been allocated and made available to all businesses in the City of Yelm who can demonstrate economic hardship or loss of revenue due to COVID-19 and/or demonstrate increased costs to comply with reopening.

If you have a small business impacted by the pandemic, please apply for the Yelm COVID-19 Business Grant.