Emergencies Happen, Will You be Notified?

WSDOTPlease join the more than 3,000 people who have already signed up for Smart 911, a notification system that alerts residents of an emergency by text, phone, or email. This service is offered free to the community and can help residents prepare for an emergency or natural disaster and can serve as a line of communication in the aftermath of a disaster.

This service also allows us to notify subscribers of many other incidents that have a significant impact to area residents, similar to the recent incident that shut down I-5 and caused a gridlock in Yelm. We were able to alert 3,150 subscribers of the traffic impacts but we would like to alert more of you in situations like those!

If you would like to receive emergency alerts for events like these, please sign up for our emergency notification system through the link below. https://www.smart911.com/…/regis…/registrationLanding.action

Photo by WSDOT