Yelm Arts Commission Seeks Members

BuildingOverlayReducedThe City is now accepting applications for the recently established Yelm Arts Commission. Any person who works, lives, or owns a business in the Yelm area is qualified to apply.

The Yelm City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance to form an Arts Commission who will identify and actively encourage the development and sustainability of all forms of art in the City, including paintings, sculptures, landscape architecture, music, literature, and other forms of art to enhance the overall beautification of Yelm.

The Arts Commission will be composed of five to 12 volunteers, approved by Council, and will serve as the City’s primary resource to promote and preserve our city’s unique community assets by providing public input, establishing policies and implementing art into City owned public spaces.

The commission is seeking representatives from as many art related professions as possible to celebrate the diverse cultural development of the City. The commission may include one member from the recommendation from the Yelm Chamber of Commerce, a member from the recommendation of the Nisqually Tribe, a local student interested in the arts, and one member to be an arts educator. Applicants do not need to live within City Limits to be appointed to the commission.

“The City recognizes that support for artists and arts organization development and stewardship of public art, arts education and cultural development are public necessities and essential for the continuing growth and development of Yelm’s citizens, economy, and quality of life,” The ordinance reads. “The primary duty of the Yelm Arts Commission is to identify and actively encourage the development and sustainability of the arts in the city by serving as the city’s primary resource in matters of public art and culture.”

The Art Commission will not require budget allocation from the City as art programs and cultural services will be funded through donations, admission charges, and grants obtained by the commission.

The commission fills the need to represent our local art, music, and culture and the City of Yelm is grateful that residents brought forth the idea and are willing to volunteer their time to get the Art’s Commission established. The first meeting of the Yelm Arts Commission is anticipated to occur no later than October 31 to discuss bylaws and to schedule future meetings.

Applications for the Arts Commission can be downloaded through the City of Yelm Website and are available for pickup at Yelm City Hall.

Media Contact:
Andrew Kollar