Mount Rainier to be Exemplified in Wolf Building Mural 

BuildingOverlayThe historic Wolf building on the corner of Yelm Avenue and First Street is now home to a mural that beautifies the City, and exemplifies the proximity and view of Mount Rainier from our incredible City.

The mural, a giant landscape illustration of Mount Rainier from a vantage point of a lush, green forest with a pristine river will capture the view and shape of the mountain as seen from Yelm.

The artist behind the illustration is Seth Leamer, who has created more than 40 murals in multiple different cities and paints community oriented murals for new and existing Trader Joe’s Stores. 

“The goal is to invoke innovative neighborhood focused murals and themes that people will immediately recognize,” Leamer said. “This includes historical buildings, landscapes and events that capture the essence of a community.”

Steve Craig, owner of the building, which is on the City’s historic register and home to the Triad Theater expects the mural to add to the aesthetic appeal of Yelm and create a better sense of place within the downtown core. The mural is a way for the City to embrace the gateway status and establish a connection between Yelm, Mount Rainier and the Triad Theater, Craig said.

The Yelm Historic Commission unanimously accepted the placement of the mural on the building under the condition that the landscape reflected Yelm’s view of the mountain.

Since the building was constructed in 1925, it has been utilized for many different purposes and once served as the leading grocery and department store before the 1960s. The building is now home to the Triad Theater, which got its name from Mount Rainier’s three highest points, is operated by Cameron Jayne. The Triad acts as the center for performing arts year round with several concerts and productions, including the upcoming show “Mamma Mia!” which will show every Friday-Sunday in September.

In addition to coordinating the mural project, Craig recently helped establish the Yelm Arts Commission who will identify and actively encourage the development and sustainability of all forms of art in the City. The Commission is currently seeking applicants who will serve as the City’s primary resource to promote and preserve our city’s unique community assets by providing public input, establishing policies and implementing art into City owned public spaces.

Together, in partnership with local business owners, residents, and organizations, the city is actively looking to display paintings, sculptures, landscape architecture, music, and literature. This shared vision will enhance the overall beautification of Yelm and vibrancy of our community.

If you would like to apply for the Arts Commission, please fill out an Advisory Board Application online at

Media Contact:
Andrew Kollar