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The City of Yelm is dedicated to bettering the Yelm community through improvements to the transportation system. We are continuously working towards ensuring all residents, businesses, and visitors in Yelm enjoy a safe and reliable transportation system. 

Pothole Repair - Potholes can be more than just a nuisance to drivers; they can actually be dangerous. To report a pothole, please call Public Works at 360-458-8406 or send an email to

Long-term Planning Activities - The City of Yelm is constantly seeking ways to better our roads and transportation movement within the City. You can view our Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan and Transportation Plan to see our vision.

Channelization (lane and crosswalk markings) Maintenance Program - Every year, the City refreshes the majority of painted lane markings in the City and selected lane reflectors, crosswalk markings, and stop bar markings that are in poor condition.

Arterial & Collector Street Preservation - This program implements pavement preservation and/or rehabilitation projects each year, focusing on the City's arterial and collector streets. 

Snow and Ice Removal - During the winter months, Public Works crews are making sure the roads stay free of snow and ice.  

Traffic Signals - The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) operates and maintains SR 507 (Yelm Avenue East) and SR 510 (Yelm Avenue West). All traffic signals located along those routes are also the responsibility of WSDOT. If you have a question or notice a problem with one of these state highways or traffic signals, please contact the Washington State Department of Transportation - Olympic Region Headquarters at 360-357-2612 for more information. 

Current engineering and development standards relating to transportation improvements are in the Development Guidelines.





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