Mosman Ave E (Phase 3): 2nd Street to Clark RD

Mosman Ave E (Phase 3):  2nd Street to Clark Road

Reconstruction and new construction extending the Mosman Corridor from 2nd Street to Clark RD. This is a new ~1300LF roadway connector to include curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and full utilities, street lights, stormwater, water, sewer, S.T.E.P., reclaimed water services for landscaping and irrigation systems, power, gas, and future fiber system for SCADA.

This is a potentially federally funded project.

Project Schedule: Begin 30% Design, Preliminary ROW, Gopher and 106 Study in 2019. Special environmental work may begin prior to design.

Project Budget: 30% Design, preliminary ROW, Gopher and 106 Study 2017 $106,443 and $30,000 in 2018. ($136,443)

PE Phase total $411,600

ROW Phase TBD with preliminary right of way efforts

Construction: $3,658,400

DBE Goals in Design 11%





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