Doing Business in Yelm

Starting a Business

Zoning & Permitting

Yelm has a variety of commercial zoning districts that allow a wide range of retail commercial activities.  If you are interested in starting a business in Yelm, the first stop should be the Community Development Department.  Existing retail spaces may need little to no improvement for your business, but please check first as some changes may require extensive upgrades.

So, before you decide where to locate your business, please schedule a pre-submission meeting with the Community Development Department.  This is an opportunity for applicants, at no cost, to meet with City staff to discuss a proposed project before you invest time or money.   The intent is to identify all requirements you will need to meet before the project begins, so you can make an informed decision.

Business Licenses

If your business is located within the city limits, or if you are doing business inside of Yelm, you are required to maintain a current City of Yelm business license.  Peddlers and Home Occupations also require an additional license from the City.

The State of Washington Business Licensing Service handles all applications and fee’s directly at   

  • File your online business license application or renewal
  • Get a city or state license
  • Access Washington business information instantly  

Phone 1-800-451-7985
Fax 1-360-705-6699

B & O Taxes

Yelm collects a business and occupation tax, based on the type of business you operate and gross income generated, or value of products produced.  Tax forms are mailed quarterly by the Administrative & Financial Services Department.  You must file a tax return each quarter, even if no tax is due.

Special Events

The Yelm Sign Code allows additional signage for special events such as grand openings, sidewalks sales, anniversary sales and the like.  You can have up to four special events a year at your place of business, up to 2 weeks each.  Contact the Community Development Department for this free permit.

Doing Business with Yelm

If your company is interested in working with Yelm, the City maintains Small Works and Consultant rosters through Municipal Research Services Center of Washington.





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