Community Development Department
The City Council established the Community Development Department in 2000 to consolidate the development of a community vision through comprehensive planning and to streamline the development permit process by creating a multi-disciplinary team focused on project review.

The departments mission is to help the citizens and businesses of Yelm visualize their future, to create that future through the implementation of plans, and to maintain the vision through ongoing outreach.

“Other duties as assigned!”

Community Plans The department is responsible for comprehensive planning for the City, and works with the City Council and Planning Commission to create the vision for the development and growth of the City. 

Design Review.  Development regulations adopted to implement the vision include the Zoning Code, Design Guidelines, Critical Areas Code, and Subdivision Code.  In the Community Development Department, we all believe in the even-handed implementation of regulations and the fair treatment of all regardless of the person or their point of view. 

Getting Started.  All permit processes start with the Community Development Department and we are here to help you find your way through the system.  This typically starts with a pre-submission meeting where we outline the design standards, the process, and the costs for you.  Our goal is to make sure there are no surprises through the process.

Construction Review and Inspection.  When your project is under construction, the Community Development Department will coordinate inspections to ensure City standards are met.





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